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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hazara Tribe 101 Hazara Tribe 101 Geography Culture Politics and Conflicts Religious Beliefs -The Hazaras ancestors are from the Mongols; Chinggis Khan would be their first leader(p. 313)-Hazaras were an extreme minority in Afghanistan; stronger and oppressive Pashtun majority (started with Amir Abdul Rahman in the late 1800s-1978) left Afghanistan with continuous Pashtun rule. Later civil war between communists and mujaheddin groups weaken the Pashtun tribe and the Hazaras gained more power even without a political advantage. - They quickly lost power to the Taliban, starting in the late 1990s- present day; the Taliban were extremely oppressive like Pashtun rule. -The Hazaras live in Hazarajat, locatedin the isolated region of Aghanistan's central highlands.-Land was infertile because it was amountainous region -Their language was Dari (a version of Persian); the spoken dialect is called Hazaragi-Passed down folktales orally (about animals,nighttime, or tales about heroes and ancestors)-Famous for their music, poetry, and proverbs-Marriages were between cross-cousins (ex. agirl marrying her paternal aunt's son); extendedfamilies live in one house together-Food consisted of high-protein items (meat,dairy); no staple crops because there wasinfertile land, therefore no farming land -The Hazaras were Shi'ite Muslims-Believes that caliphs (governors) should be strong leaders both politically and also religiously. By: Lisha Wu Frank Lee Elane Moon
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