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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The amount of automobile pollution is more than the amount of air pollution released by nuclear power plants. Automobi e Po ution SUVs 47% release more car pollutionthan the average sized car There are 752 cars for every 1000 Americans Each Person and car represents 100 of it. What AreWe Doing? Automobile pollution is getting worse every year due to the increasing number of drivers. This means our ozone layer is being destroyed and hundred of thousands people die every year. Currently, a stat from a MIT study says that about 100,000 people die every year in the US from automobile pollution, nearly triple the people that die in car accidents. This is a very serious problem hurting our environment and humans. That is why there are many more precautions taken, like loitering free zones, hybrid cars, electric cars and this will eventually help lead to a better environment and human health. 70% of pollution in Chinese cities are from automobile pollution In China, the number of cars that are driven has doubled every five years for the past thirty years." A new electric/gas engine, 3 wheeled car hascaught the eyes of many, especially for it green manufacturing (3-D Printing), it will most likely be what cars will look like and operate like in the future. In just 10 gallonsof gas, the Urbee 1 can go across the US, also using its main electric engine. The average gas mileage of an average car if approximately 24.6 MPG, that is like goingfrom New York City, NY to the Appalachian Mtns, PA (236 Miles). These are some of the steps I will take as a human to help prevent and lessen automobile pollution.1. Tell my dad not to loiter with his car, to turn it off and then turn it back on when he comes back.2. Next time my dad or grandparents buy a car, I will suggest and try to persuade them to get a hybrid or maybe a electric car.3. When I buy my first car, I will drive as little as I can, not loiter and maybe my car is a hybrid or electric. How Can We Fix It? Everyone car owner in the US uses about 600 million gal. a day of gas, but if everyone bought Urbees, they would dramtically drop leading to less pollution and gas consumpion!B85hCq!!Wk~$(KGrHqF,!hEEzev1KQ!9BM4S-KDwyQ~~_35.GIF
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