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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources here Urban Pollutions Effects Around the World Asia has 100-230 million deaths corresponding to air pollution N.America has 30-100 million deaths corresponding to air polluton S.America credits 60-100 million death to air pollution NO DATA for Antarctica Africa credits 60-150 million deaths to air pollution Europe has 30-60 million deaths corresponding deaths to air pollution Australia credits 100-150 million deaths to air pollution My articles are surrounded by the effect of air pollution. My zoomed-in article "Inventor hopes to clean the air with air purifier" is a man with a goal to help his city Lima , Peru with his new invention Zooming out ... WHO has also been on this topic discussing it worldwide.Air pollution is being addressed by WHO and it's being solved by inventors of new cleaner fuels, air purifiers, and better ways to run factories. Air pollution is most present in Asia out of all continents! Most of why Africa's air pollution problems is because the technology is often too expensive to clean up the air.If you see the chart Europe has the least amount of deaths for pollution. There's no specific thing that they do in Europe that's different from the way that America does things,but you can guess that it's a lot cleaner over there.We can all join in to help by donating to WHO or joining a research team ( for older students). You can even be employed at the World Health Organization. On a smaller scale, we cantry our best to carpool or ride bikes to our destinations. You can read WHO's finding and research to get a better gist or insight on what's going on, on their informational website man in Peru he overcame his city's adversity (its toxic air) and found wonderful solution to that problem,by inventing a super purifier that has the effect of 1,200 trees on enviormentNo one expects an ordinary man to go make a difference can/may have changed lifestyles not only in Peru, but worldwide.Not having to worry about the air they breathe and not being strangled by the masks they wear to walk to work or in the city, because of the factories around their homes. That's freedom.
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