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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harry Houdini Wow Bessie Smith's new song, "Black Water Blues", sure is ducky! I love this new jazz music, it's making me and the rest of country want to dance along at the hop. I like the rhythms and sounds incorporated into the music. I have about five different records by Bessie Smith alone, that I like listening to in my leisure time. Why these cars from Ford are just the bee's knees! Thanks to this "assembly line" process, Ford's making them faster and cheaper, which means the prices are just getting lower and lower. Now people from out of town can get in to the city easier, meaning more people can come see my escape acts. Ford sure knows his onions! I'm getting into a lather just thinking about Nativism in America! People are going around thinking they're better than others just because they were born here! As an immigrant myself, I strongly disagree. It's making things very tense between races and I even saw a fight break out at one of my performances. Movies are turning out to be real nifty! People all over the country are saying that movies have offered lots of entertainment and chances to escape from the hustle of real life. Plus, I'm getting my own nickelodeon! All you got to do is pay a nickel, and now everybody has a way to spend their leisure time. Especially those hops they have afterward, which really are darb. "I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life - all mystery and magic." -Harry Houdini My wife is going on an on about how this 19th Amendment is the cat's meow! She says she can't wait 'till the next election so she and all those other dolls can finally vote. Bess also keeps talking about how more American dames are finally "joining the workforce" and going to college. I heard a doll in Georgia even got to be senator for two days. by Christi Wang 4th Hour These new radios are real darb! I can listen to the news, sports recaps, comedies, and concerts, all from the comfort of my own home. Whenever I get some leisure time after a performance, I just switch on my radio and catch up on last night's baseball game. I just wish they didn't have all these ads. Businesses must be making a fortune since so many people listen to radios. The assembly line is getting more and more swell. A buddy of mine recently got laid off, but thanks to Ford's large assembly line idea, hundreds of people are getting jobs. My friend got hired just two days ago to put tires on each of the Ford's. So not only are the cars cheap, but people are getting hired all over the country. Hot socks, it's a win-win! I'm feeling real swell right now! Today's newspaper talked about my Daily Mirror Challenge and called it "the bee's knees"! Millions of people across the country read the paper everydayto find out the latest about the news, sporting events, or other exciting things that are happening. I read the paper myself for the ads. That's how I found a phonograph for Bess and I. Blouses: $1.69 Heels:$6.00 Stetson Fedoras: $7.50-$12.50
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