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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Columbia Colombia is a spanish speaking country located in northwest of South America.There are 5 countries that colombia share a border with one is panama which is north of colombia,ecuador is west,peru and and boliva south,brazil is sotheast,and venzuela is northeast tap and hold to change this header text! Capital of colombia is Bogota,which is Bogotá The flag of colombia was adopted on november 26, 1963.The tri colored flag has no actual meaning,but there is a popular theroy.On the flag the yellow symbolizes sovereignty and justice, the blue stands for nobility, loyalty and vigilance,while the red Population of colombia:46,245,297.Th ereare about 9 colombians per american The weather in the three main citys of colombia isnt bad The coldest (average) weather in colombia is around 45 and max (average) 88 and there are estimated 200 rain days for the whole year. The president of colombia is jaun manuel santos.He is the 32 president of colombia.unitary state presidintial system and constuituanal republic. In colombia the currency is peso. One american dollar is 14.81 peso. One big mac would be 71.88 peso tap and hold to changethis text! Colombia is known for making the best delicious coffee. Its tropical landscapes, and its capital in the Andean peaks. Colombia is also know for there foods There are exotic dishes like roasted ants (homiga culona), guinea pig Languages spoken in colombia besides spanish are Wayuu,Paez,Embera and Romani. Famous tourism places would be Medellin, Cartagena, and Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City) and the Amazon rain forest which is only in a certain amount of colombia
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