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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harlow Shapley DOG Bio Major Discoveries Minor Discoveries Notable Quotes Education Work Resume Born in Nashville, Missouri on Nov. 21885Died in Boulder Coloradoon Oct. 20 1972Married to Martha Betz Discovered that the universeis much larger thenoriginally thoughtCalculated that our sun is about 30,000 light yearsaway from the center of the galaxy Determined star dimensions using light variationscoming off of it.Proposed Cepheid stars areactually pulsating stars.Found that galaxies tend to cluster which he namedmetagalaxies. "The solar system is off center and consquesentlyman is too..."Some piously record 'In the beginning God', but I say 'In the beginning hydrogen'. No one trusts a model except the man who wrote it; everyone trusts an observation, except the man who made it. Dropped out of the 5th grade. Came backto finish high schoolin only six years. Studied jounalism atthe University of Missouri. Then went to study atPrinceton University underHenry Norris Russel. Mount Wilson ObservatoryHarvard College Observatory Professional/AcademicAssociations On the commitee for the foundationfor the study of cyclesServed on the board of trustees for Science ServiceHelped found National ScienceFoundationBecame president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Friends President A. Lawrence Henry Norris Russel Things named after him Moon crater "shapley"Asteroid 1123 ShapleyaShapley supercluster
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