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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harlem Renaissance Lois Mailou Jones Ascent of Ethiopia 1932 1983 Initiation, Liberia "Mine is a quiet explorationsquest for new meanings incolor, texture and design.Even though I sometimesportray scenes of poorand struggling people, it isa great joy to paint." "Ascent of Ethiopia" signifiesAfricans, whom have builttheir heritage on trials andtribulations, and pridethemselves on theiraccomplishmentsand achievements. Jones' work is basedaround her ancestry asan African-American,as is known for herAfrican-styled art aswell as her realismand abstract art. "Paris really gave memy freedom. I forgotmy color. I forgot thatI was black." "Initiation, Liberia" is Jones'own triumph against racialand gender inequalities. Herinfluence as a teacherextended beyond hernative country. The government of Haiti made her a chevalierof the National Order of Honor and Merit Honored by President JimmyCarter at the White House foroutstanding arts After death, her friend, Dr. ChrisChapman created her biography,"Lois Mailou Jones: A Life in Vibrant Color". November 3, 1905, Lois Mailou Jones wasborn. Jones started drawing at age 3, beingencouraged to draw by her grandmother.1919 to 1923, Jones attended the HighSchool of Practical Arts. 1923 to 1927, shestudied at the School of the Museum of theFine Arts. 1927 to 1928, Jones studied withLudwig Frank at the Designer's Art Schoolof Boston on a scholarship. These are only few ofwhat Lois Mailou Jones has accomplished.Her life still remains a legacy, having aLois Mailou Jones Pierre-Noel livingtrust to preserve her life. Jones influenced the Frenchmore than she's influencedany other race. The Frenchwere very impressed withher art style, and wasinfluenced by many greatartists, such as Picasso andModigliani.
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