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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Immigration in the United States {looking for asylum} {immigration raids} there are approximately 40.8 million immigrants living the U.S.61% are between the ages of 25 & 44. {the population} California has the highest percentageof immigrants (25%), and is one of the common states for raids by the ICE. ICE agents target predominantly Latino neighborhoods and worksites, enter peoples homes without proper warrants or consent, and coerce frightened individuals to submit to interrogations about their citizenship and immigration status. Miami, Florida has around 1.2 million Cuban immigrants. Cubans are normally given the right to enter due to political differences to show the humanitarian nature of the U.S. **barely any Haitians have been allowed on U.S. shores, due to the commercial interests the U.S. has in Haiti, such as cheap, exploitable labor and resources.** **children who saw one or both parent(s)arrested during a home raid experienced behavioral changes, including changes in eating and sleeping habit, as well as higher degrees of fear and anxiety.** {} {}{} {}{} 57% of unauthorized immigrants over the age of 45 are female. {sources}
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