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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New global survey of more than people China --TORTURE HUMAN RIGHTS In Thailand en Zuid-Afrika zoekt 57% van de smartphone bezitters naar vacatures. Hongarije scoort het laagst. Daar zoekt slechts 18% naar vacatures via smartphone. The use of torture to extract confessions is ubiquitous in China, although the government has pledged to crack down on the practice. INTERNATIONAL 2014 Despite the absolute prohibition of torture in international law,it continues to be practiced in more than 141 countries,from totalitarian regimes to democracies... Zimbabwe Honduras Syria MAY Nearly of respondentsfear torture if taken into custody. More than of all people believe torturecan be justified. By: Hannah Bailey This week, three police officers and four security personnel from the Chinese city of Harbin were convicted of torturing seven suspects to get confessions, according to Xinhua, Chinas state news outlet. One of the tortured suspects died of his injuries. Syrian forces have systematicallyattacked the health care system in opposition-held areas over the past three years. 2014 Resulted in the death of more than 460 health professionals and widespreaddestruction to hospitals and clinics. 245,000 people in Syria areliving in besieged areas, cut off from food, water, and medical supplies. Honduran authorities failed to ensure justice in cases involvingtorture and/or ill-treatment. FEB 2014 14 individuals were evaluated and found in 12 cases that Hondurassinterim government engaged in ill-treatment and/or torture in an effort to suppress dissent following the 2009 coup d’état. 41%of the deaths occurred during shelling and bombings,31% were the result of shootings,followed by 13% due to torture. The most common forms of abuse were threats and blunt force injuries,and the most prevalent forensic findings were bruising, scars from blunt force trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder. In the other two cases, it was concluded that police officers either engaged in recklessbehavior or intentionally disregarded the safety of the public. MAR SEPT 2007 Physicians for Human Rights condemnsthe torture and assaults on and denial of medical treatment to opposition party in Zimbabwe. Peaceful activists and opposition party were denied medical treatmentby police and security personnel. Medical colleagues in Zimbabwe that describe dozens of injuriesto the individuals, including fractures and soft tissue injuries,head injuries and a ruptured bowel due to blows to the abdomen by police JULY 2012 US rendered, tortured and discarded one innocent man--captured in Somalia in 2003and handed over to American officials who rendered him to Afghanistanfor five years of detention and torture. HALF 21,000 in 21 countries across every continent reveals fear of exists in all these countries... torture 1/3 More than want strong laws to protect them from ubiquitous torture. 80% Suleiman Abdallah was one of the disappearedprisoners of the war on terror.' He was ordered to stand within the outlineof a square drawn on the floor. From today onward, your name is 1075, the American guards told him. You are in our box, and wehave five basic rules: One: No talking. Two:Dont look around. Keep your face down.Three: Dont touch anything around the cage.Four: Dont speak. Five: Dont run. Suleimans post-traumatic stress disorder left him unable towork and without means to support himself.He was finally released in July 2008. Whatprompted the decision is unclear. Authoritiesmost likely realized that he had little intelligenceto offer and posed no threat. So they let him go. United States SOURCES TORTURE
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