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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Handy's Four Types of Cultures In Handy's original theory, each culture was associated with a Greek god, Choosing the Best Culture for Your Organization 1. Club Culture: Zeus. 2. Role Culture: Apollo. 3. Task Culture: Athena. 4. Existential Culture: Dionysus. Most successful organizations have a blend of cultures 1. Club Culture Built on power, connections and respect. Thrives when speed is more important than accuracy. Empathy with the organization's leader is essential. 2. Role Culture Often found in large, hierarchical and bureaucratic organizations. Effective when you work within an industry that experiences slow change Useful where it's important for team members to follow particular rules. 3. Task Culture Judges performance by results and the number of problems that they solve. Expertise and talent are valued and rewarded. Useful in industries where solving problems is the primary objective 4. Existentialist Culture Individuals' talent and skills are the organization's greatest assets. Organizations that depend entirely on the talent or skill of expert professionals. Personal freedom is the foundation of an existentialist culture Each culture has its own advantages and disadvantages. Work towards adopting one of these cultures to fit a specific situation Charles Handy,developed the Four Types of Culture and published them in his 1978 book "Gods of Management." Brighton School of Business and Management
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