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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What's Achievement Management? What's Achievement Management? One Simple Rule: Working on hand strengthening at home doesn't have to break the bank! Working at home allows therapy to happen on a daily basis. Focusing on strengthening activties shouldtake place 3-5 times a week. When? BUSINESS GOALS EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals. Being creative with everyday objects canprovide increased results in strength and providesopportunity for the parent to participate in the child's therapy. How? ACHIEVEMENT PLAN What's that? 10-20 Responsibilities ... each with 1-3 measurable targets Handle incoming phone-calls * Nobody waits longer than 30 secs * Boss always returns important calls same day E.g. TongsSmall toysBowls CornstarchWhiskSpray Bottles Handle incoming phone-calls * Nobody waits longer than 30 secs * Boss always returns important calls same day E.g. How do we use it? Ready To Get Messy? Ideas for ACTIVITIES! Identifying / removing barriers to achievement -> * Cut a hole in the cracker box and have them pick up the coins using only the thumb and pointer finger, then push it through the hole. To make it harder, have them hide the coins in thier hand first. * Take two small square tupperware containers and fill one halfway with water. Have a race to see how fast they can move the water from one container to the other using a sponge and only one hand. You can also race against them. Also used for: * Using the pasta strainer, have the child thread laces or pipe cleaners through the holes. To make it harder, create a design they have to follow around. The new approach Goop: Thumb-print Cookies double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. BE CREATIVE double click to change this header text! Items to have on hand: Functional Fun Family Time To create, combine equal parts of cornstarch and water. Stir together in a tupperware container. Once mixed, let the child try to whisk the mixture. You can hide animals, try to drive monster trucks through or try and push all the goop to one side. * Fill a deep tupperware container halfway with water. Set a floating bath toy on the water and have them squirt the toy with the spray bottle to make it swim to the other side. You can also have them fill up the spray bottle themselves using a turkey baster for whole hand strength. SpongesTupperware ContainersEmpty Cracker BoxCoinsLarge Hole StrainerLaces/Pipe Cleaners This old classic is great for a rainy day. Have the child help roll out the dough and form balls by rolling the dough between their palms. Then have the child make the indent by using a different finger for every cookie. Hand-strengthening Using Household Items
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