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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANCIENT CHINESE DYNASTY HAN Emperor Gaozu First Han emperor in 202 BCE He defeated the last rebellion Sima Qian Referred to as the father of Chinese historiography Wrote the largest Chinese historiographic work, known as the Records of the Grand Historian "The opening of the silk road was one of the major economic achievement of the Han dynasty." One of the longest of Chinas major dynasties. 206 BCE-220 CE Lasted a span of over four centuries Considered a golden age in Chinese history Strived in arts, politics and technology All the Chinese dynasties following the Han looked back at the Han period as an "inspiring model of a united empire and self- perpetuating government." Brooke FlemingHour: 7 Pulleys and wheelbarrows were used to move goods. The Silk Road led to trade routes that linked Xian to the Levant coast and opened up new roadsfor merchants. Paper, sundial, acupuncture, glazed pottery, wheelbarrow, hot air balloon, decorated mirrors, lamps and burners Invented the seismograph, cast iron technology and embroidery for decorating garments. Originally the paper invented was thick, coarse, and had an uneven texture. The paper was made from pounded and disintegrated hemp fibers. double click to change this title text! Location: The Han dynasty expanded its borders to include what is now known as Tibet, North Korea and northern Vietnam. Economically, the Han dynasty regained its foothold despite a decline that occurred during the Qin dynasty. Creation of irrigation made it possible to regain their economy.
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