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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hamlet vs. The Lion King Characters: HamletGertrudeHamlet Sr.ClaudiusOpheliaPolaritiesLaertesRosencrantzGuildenstern Characters: SimbaSarabiMufasaScarNalaRafikiZazuTimon Pumbaa Setting: Setting: DenmarkCastle AfricaDesert Themes: Themes: SpyingCorruptionCircle of LifeRevengeMadnessTo Be or Not To Be Circle of LifeCorruptionFamilyTo Be or Not To Be Plot: -The king was killed by his brother and then the queen married her brother-in-law who she didn't know killed her husband. Hamlet Sr. ghost comes back and tells his son to get revenge on his brother for that he has done. -The king was killed in a way set up by his brother. The brother Scar made Simba feel like it was his fault so he ran away and Scar took over and the kingdom which he turned to corruption until Simba came back and made it right. Plot: Similar: -The brother kills the king-The kingdom turns to corruption-There are To Be or Not To Be parts-The fathers both appear as ghosts-The princes don't take over the throne Different: -Kings killed in different ways-Simba doesn't want to kill Scar-Simba doesn't go into maddness-The Lion King is taking place in the desert My opinion: -My opinion is yes, The Lion King is the Disney version of Hamlet because there are greater reasons that it is similar than different. Yes, I think that there are things that are different but if it was exactly the same then it would be the same movie. It is the Disney version so it has animation and it is easier to understand but it keeps some of the same things from hamlet so my opinion is yes it is the Disney version.
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