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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hamlet Vs. Lion King: Plot Summaries Hamlet Lion King King is murdered, there is a lotof moping and crying going on.Not very long after, the Queenmarries the new King.Hamlet feels betrayed and Confused by his mothers actions Hamlet suspects that somethingfishy happened to his father.Hamlet's father appears and tellsHamlet what happened and to getrevenge. Hamlet is still confusedbut after plenty of evidence is convinced that his father was murdered by his uncle. Hamlet then waits til the time isright so that he may have his revenge on his uncle. There is afencing duel between Hamlet and Laertes. During the fight, Hamlet is cut by a poisoned dagger.He realizes this and forces the King to drink poison to get hisrevenge for his father. Simba is born, there is a lot of celebration going on. He is learning about the land that he is about to take over. His Uncle Scar put him deliberatelyin danger so that Mufasa has to savehim from being killed. Scar then KillsMufasa to take over the kingdom. Simba runs away and meets timon and Pumbaa. They teach Simba about theirway of living and how to cope with the past, that there is nothing he can doabout how he thought that he'd killed hisfather. He then reunites with Nala and goes home to reclaim the kingdom after having a vision with his father. Simba comes home and confrontsScar. He then finds out about how Scar was actually the one who killed the king. There is then a big battle where Scar gets killed by theHyenas.
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