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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Characters from Lion King and Hamlet - Similarities and Differences Hamlet - He is the prince, his father is murdered by his uncle, and is told to get revenge.Ophelia - The girlfriend of the prince, goes crazy, and dies in the end.Gertrude - The queen, her husband dies, she marries the new king, and dies in the end.Hamlet's Father - He is the initial king, is murdered by his brother, tells his son to get revenge.Claudius - The new king, Hamlet's uncle, and murders the original king. Hamlet Lion King Simba - The son of the king, blamed for murdering his father,doesn't seek revenge, but to reclaim the kingdom.Nala - Simba's girlfriend, seeks someone to help save the kingdom and finds Simba, and helps Simba defeat scar.Sarabi - Simbas mother, is forced to hunt for Scar and the hyenas, and helps Simba defeat Scar.Mufasa - The original king, murdered by Scar, helps guide Simba from beyond the grave rather than tell him to getrevenge on his brother.Scar - Kills his brother, becomes the new king, blames Simba,ends up dying because of hyenas. In both -- Based off of a Monarchy- King is murdered- The brother becomes king- The new king dies and the prince takes over the thrown Lion King vs. Hamlet Conclusion I would say that the Lion King is the kids version of Hamlet. There are severalpoints to help support my decision. One main point would be that in both movie,The original king is murdered by his brother. Another thing is that the son is toldto reclaim the thrown in both movies, and they both did so by killing their uncle.In both movies, there is also the famous to be or not to be speech. Although SimbaDoesn't think about suicide, he is pondering thoughts and he waits to obtain guidance from his father. With even just these few points, I feel that it is clear toSay that the Lion King is the kids version of Hamlet.
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