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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How A Bill Becomes A Law American Government 1.The First Reading After a Bill has been thought up and designed by a Congressman its is put into The Hopper at the beginning of a day in Congress. The Speaker of The House readsthe bill(s) and sets them to a fitting commitees adgenda. House Processes U-2 INCEDENT 3. Senate Process 3. House Process RULES COMMITTEETraffic Cop; The Traffic Cop is a middle-manfor the House of Representatives, he overseesthe Bills before they enter the Second Readingstage, and checks them for violations or conflictsthe need resolution. RULES COMMITTEEContinues to Second Readingv v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v THE U-2 INCIDENT HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT DIRECTLY LED TO THECOLLAPSE OF THE FOUR POWER PARIS SUMMIT. RELEVANCE THE CONNECTION THAT THESE TWO EVENTS HAVE ARE FEAR. THE US SENT THE SPY PLANE IN TO COMMUNIST AIR SPACE TO FIND MISSILES OUT OF FEAR. WE FUNDED TRUMAN IN HIS FIGHT TO STOP COMMUNISM IN GREEK AND TURKEY. THE TRUMAN DOCTRINE HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT STOPPED TURKEY AND GREEK FROM BEING COMMUNIST NATIONS. 2.Standing Committee A Standing Commitee is a section of Congress that is a permanent group designated to assist in the governing of a single set of topics such as conservation, military budget, taxation, etc. Standing Commitees have three options for a Bill; PASS, DO NOT PASS or to PIGEONHOLE(hide the document until death or its process is pushed forward.) A simple majority vote is neededto make any decisions(50% +1.) 4. Second Reading
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