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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strauss had been very surprised when he had figured out that the Zilkes had chosen to attempt to sue him because he hadfelt as though they had not fully blamed him for the accident. Court Case College The accident had caused Darin to believe that somethings that he had questionedhimself about may have neverbeen thought of if the accident never occurred. With going to college, Darin felt as if he could get the chance tostart over as a new person, but he always felt like someone would figure out who he was. Darin had tried to appear as though he was a better student while hehad attended college because he had felt the need to have the knowledge for two, Celine and himself. Darin had grown through almost two decades ofhis life thinking about the accident. The accident had never completely left his mind, but his thoughts on Celine had lessened throughout the years. He had eventually grown enough to not be thinking about the accident more than once a day. Darin had gone through 18 years of life after the accident before his sons were born. Soon after, he had looked at his son, Beau, while feeding him, and had realized Celine's look in his eyes. Half a life before where he stood, he had killed a girl, and herealized that there was no reason for him to keep grieving, but to move on because a new life is being lived. Darin had also been surprised by the fact that the Zilkes took a $20,000 walk away agreement. He couldn't believe that anyone could a price on Celine's life. Darin had wondered for a while about the Zilkes' reasoning for just agreeing to the settlement. The accident had caused much stress and despairto Strauss' life. He had focused so much on the thought of Celine losingher life by hitting his windshield. Fatherhood Darin Strauss The Half a Life of TheAccident By Jesse Venegas
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