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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revolutions in Egypt The Use of Internet In Egypt and Tunisia's revolution The revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia were assisted by users of social media. A couple of those websites were facebook, and youtube.These websites were used to organize young activists for revolution in cities and other places for protests Revolutions in Tunisia Similarities Social Networks Interestingly enough, but not too surprising, both the Tunisian government and the Egyptian government shut downany access to the internet. The main social network that was used in the Egyptian revolution was Facebook; it helped orgainze a massive movement called TheApril 6th movement. description here In 2008, a movement was organized called the April 6th movement. No one thought that it would be such a success.Although group gathering, news reporting were against the lawand authorities intercepted e-mails and phone calls,the government had not yet blocked social media.The Facebook page for The April 6th Act had a membership of seventy-thousand people, making it the largest activist group Egypt has ever seen. As protests on the streets in Tunisia grew, the government tried to keep videos and newsoff of the internet, but activists posted videosand information on the internet. The sotryof the protests were picked up by middle eastern news stations. A video of a young protester being brutally beaten was posted andviewed by thousands.
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