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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Migration of Haitian Refugees 90% of all immigrants from Haiti in 1990were political refugees The migration is not as major because of the refugees forced migration to America, but it is major because of the huge lawsuit to get permission for Haitian immigrants to come for freedom. It is an example not only of forced migration, but an example of chain migration my Haitian Immigrants. The Haitian immigrants were influenced by the Cubans Mariel Boatlift, as they were able to seek refuge in The U.S. during the tyranny of Fidel Castro.This was the 2nd wave of refugees from Haiti. The emigration from Haiti istransnational migration(Haiti to the U.S.), Forced Migration out of the country in the 1980s and 1990s due to thedictatorship of the Duvalier's and the 1991 coup that took over Haiti from Jean- Bertrand Aristide with military law after the Duvalier's downfall(1986). Most of the Haitian immigrants came to Florida by boats, following the same routes of the Cuban refugees months prior, through the Windward Passage from Haiti. They went to the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, to apply for immigration to the US. Push factors: Dictatorship of the Duvalier's, Unstable government Pull Factors: Freedom, family in the States, Mariel BoatliftIntervening obstacles for emigration from Haiti were the government, the ocean, and the United States governments willingness to help the refugees. Immigrants from Haiti In the US Haitian Immigrants and the Job ForceV.S.All Immigrants Haitian Communtites Immigration Problems How? Push and Pull Factors Intervening Obstacles This lead to a lawsuit to allow Haitians to immigrate to America. When Haitians were allowed to enter the United States, there was a lot of persecution and hostility to the Haitian immigrants by the government, who really didnt realize the terrors of Haiti, by the government claiming that the Haitian immigrants were not refugees for they were coming foreconomical reasons. In 1994, the US Government invaded Haiti, took out their Military rule and Reinstated Aristide as president. With help by the UN, Haiti is now a poor democratic country that is a member of the UN. Problems because Haiti was an ally of the Soviet Union in 1980. By them being an ally, the US thought the refugees coming to America were only coming for an economical reason, not because of an Political reason. Haitian immigrants thrived in the work forcebecause they are willing to do any job, laboriousor service, for minimum wage. Importance of Immigration
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