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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HWB LTA Framework Priorities and Principles of LTA Development in HWB TechnologyEnhanced Learning StudentEngagement Share and disseminate examples of good teaching practice via formal and informal forumsDevelop and disseminate resources to support development of teaching practice Enhance teaching practice by sharing the good practice of HWB Inspirational TeachersProvide guidance and development activities to support peer review and enhancementProvide support and sharing of good practice in distance learning Promote student engagement and representation to develop stronger staff-student partnershipsPromote a culture of development and sharing via formal and informal forums and committeesCollaborate with departments to deliver bespoke LTA CPD, aligned to UKPSFPromote the value of gaining HEA recognitionImplement threshold TEL standardsProvide development opportunities for staff to improve digital skillsSupport the innovative use of technologies to promote interaction and collaboration within a "pedagogy first" contextSupport the use of e-enabled flexible modes of deliveryPromote the effective and innovative use of learning spacesPilot the use of new technologies to support learning and teachingEstablish a "pedagogy first" approach to curriculum and learning designProvide support and development opportunities for course leaders Support the embedding of simulation activities appropriately across all coursesSupport course planners in validation and revalidation activities Support course planners with a critical friend in LTA Good Teaching Assessment& Feedback
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