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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Inquiry Question Which major battles in the United Kingdom influenced the outcome of WWII? Claim The Battle of Britain, the blitz bombings, and Operation Tiger influenced the outcome of WWII. The Battle of Britain helped the UK win the war As a result of the UK winning the Battle of Britain Hitler postponed his planned invasion of the UK, which bought the UK lots of time to fight the Germans."As a result, Hitler permanently postponed a landing on the British Isles and suspended the Battle of Britain." -Robert Cowley & Geoffrey Parker. Ryan Green Class Lanni The German Luftwaffe had trouble fighting the British RAF, this shows that the Luftwaffe was too weak and Britain could easily win the war."it was unable to defend Germany against American and British strategic bombing." The British RAF lost less planes than the German Luftwaffe, so they got the advantage of strength which helped them win the war. "During the twelve-week battle, 1,733 German aircraft had been destroyed, compared with 915 British fighters." Operation Tiger's failure hurt the allies Operation Tiger ended with many casualties for the allies."It ended in heavy losses, after a surprise attack by the German Navy." -BBC Operation Tiger failed because the allies were having issues, this shows that the allieswere not working well together. "A series of tragic decisions - including the absence of a British Navy destroyer which was supposed to be escorting them, but had been ordered into Plymouth for repairs, and an error in radio frequencies - led to three of the tanks being hit by German torpedoes." Operation Tiger went so bad that its details were made secret by the US Government and anyone who revealedthese secrets was punished."The exercise that killed nearly 1,000 American servicemen was considered by US top brass to be such a disaster that they ordered a complete information blackout." The Blitz hurt the UK The blitz damaged many historic landmarks and damaged priceless artifacts. "hitting the Law Courts, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, many of Londons museums and the House of Commons." London wasn't the only city in Britain that was bombed during the blitz. Other cities were bombed too, this hurt the UK because more than one city was damaged. "Liverpool, Manchester, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Southampton were also targeted." The London Blitz happened for almost 2 months and London was bombed nightly over this period of time. The Blitz must have been severely devastating because it happened nightly for 2 months."Night after night, for nearly two months, the bombers returned." Citations Battle of Britain. (n.d.). Retrieved from History Channel website:, R., & Parker, G. (Eds.). (n.d.). BATTLE OF BRITAIN. Retrieved from website: Bombs London. (n.d.). Retrieved from BBC website:, J. (n.d.). Battle Of Britain: in men and machines. Retrieved from BBC website:, C. (n.d.). The D-Day rehearsal that cost 800 lives. Retrieved from BBC News website: (n.d.). Retrieved from Grolier Online website:*&queryText=Blitz&queryParser=Grolier_enVoices Of D-Day. (n.d.). Retrieved from BBC - History website: - The Blitz Hits London. (n.d.). Retrieved from History Channel website:
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