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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Your Health For dates of these and other forthcoming sessions, please look out for emails and dates listed in the HUK Group Training Pages We want to be the employer of choice for you and potential new staff joining us. We already offer a lot of great staff benefits including the standard things youd expect (great maternity pay, cycle to work scheme, occupational health, pensions) as well as exciting discounts on your shopping through Hachette Rewards, free eBooks and as of April, a wonderful new place to work in Carmelite House. To complement the amazing range of benefits we have, we have put together a new suite of workshops and opportunities to help you further manage your work-life balance. Lorem ipsum etsecor dolor. Your Wealth Half-day workshops covering mortgages, savings, how to manage debt, your entitlements.Run by JELF, these impartial sessions will break down jargon and offer help and support Making Your Money Work for You Pensions: Everything YouShould Know Half-day workshops coveringstate, company and personalpensions: feel more confidentwith your decisions Friends Life Pension Portal A 2 hour demo on how to use the portal and managing your pension funds Mindfulness A lunchtime session onwhat Mindfulness is, and howit can help with your mentaland physical health, delivered by one of our own authors Yoga for your desk Yoga for desk-bound staff:how to stretch and relaxyour muscles for safeand comfortable deskwork Nutrition and Diet TBC! Nutrition and dietadvise from some of our top authors fromacross the Group
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