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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Can worsen symptoms of Asthma Where is it a problem? What is the problem? Due to: cars, fuel for electricity, heating, and the oil and gas industries How Ozone Damages Our Lungs HSCI 471 Raman Gill, Brooklyn Jung, Farshad Palad, & Caitlin Pugh Areas with high CO, VOC and NOx emissions Why is it a problem in Canada? CO NOx PM Areas with high temperatures Which generally is also associated with large amounts of sunlight How is ozone created? What can we do? Reduce cars & create more environmentally friendly transportation options! 'Good up high, bad nearby' Who is at greater risk? The younger and older populations, and also those who are sick with suppressed immune systems are at a higher risk for lung disease resulting from ozone (EPA, 2015) Elderly Children Sick (Environment Canada, 2014) 1. 2. Active Transportation! Chemical reaction: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) + Sunlight = OZONE Colourless Gas (Parmet, Lynm, & Glass, 2003) Pollution :( :) - Reduces lung function - Increases inflammation - Headaches, irritation of eyes, nose, & throat (Parmet, Lynm, & Glass, 2003) (CDC, 2014) 16% Increase in Canadian exposure since 1990 50% of Canadians live in areas where ozone levels are higher than safely recommended (Parliament of Canada, 2006) of Canadian health care costs due to air pollution (which includes ozone) in 2008 (Parliament of Canada, 2006) (Environment Canada, 2014) (Clean Air Yard Care, 2015) $8 billion - Can lead to premature death (Madden et. al., 2014)
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