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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HSBC The sources and number of mentions we got from each one 295 what is the worldsaying about Interested in the crisis around the tax scandals that HSBC has been involved in, we decided to dive into the world wide web andunderstand from the raw sources, what is the world saying and feeling about it. 289 139 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 Feb 13 Feb 14 Feb 15 Feb 16 Feb 17 Feb 18 Feb 19 Feb 20 The number of mentions per channel had a slightlygrowing trend with a strong peak on February 18th Negative Positive Neutral/Factual 60% 37% 3% Negative: "HSBC has admitted failings in compliance and controls in its Swiss private bank ... told the Murnaghan show on Sky News, adding that he had written to HSBC." "@BBCr4today @OborneTweets HSBC scandal: Peter is a true hero. Wish world was full of honourable people. Great news to give up for Lent ! 0 replies 0 ..." It's Sunday again! Purchase your tickets online withHSBC credit or debit card and be eligible for the 1 for 1* movie tickets .... The evolution of the number of mentions is as follows The mentions were classified according to their relevance to the Brand, the Personnel or none HSBCPERSONNEL 9% HSBC BRAND 72% "@BBCr4today @OborneTweets HSBC scandal : Peter is a true hero. Wish world was full of honourable people. Great newsto give up for Lent ! 0 replies 0 ..." HCBCPERSONNEL 9% From doing business with blood diamondtraffickers to hiding the wealthy's money from the tax man, HSBC does it all! HCBCBRAND 72% NOTRELEVANT 19% this is a nice French word that should bereplaced with an English onein .. Some specific subjects were extremely present Tax Scandal? Apology? 78%Yes! 95%No! Not every country was involved in the same way, the most outstanding were.... Brazil UK Switzerland US An who were the big players involved? Mentions can be classified in Positive, Negative or Neutral/Factual Telegraph UK Government Cameroonfamily Guardian SwissAuthorities MKTG-249 - MSx: Marketing
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