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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 £ HeadStart - the journey so far Origins in young people's investment group September 13 Committee gives the go ahead development funding awarded October 13 - have we got the right partners and people involved? - we want them to be more systemic partnerships formed test and learn funding awarded £5,997,616 Summer 14 January 14 decision making is supported by an expert academicand Public Health England we recocgnise the importance of engaging the police we set who should be at the table- includes community groups, the police, local schools, clinical commissioning groups we appoint Young Minds and partners September 14 - to provide support to partnerships- they bring expertise to us - we conduct a survey of experts worldwide and academic research into resilience- we learn there's no proven 'what works' in resilience systems we appoint Anna Freud Centre and partners - to evaluate test and learn projects £125,658 £75 million - we want partnershipsto raise their ambition - we issue clearer guidance - will the status quo could act as a barrier? - will allowing varietybetween areas limit learning? Angie Hart joins usas a contractor brings resilience expertise in house January 14ERG meeting May 14ERG meeting double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. April 14ERG meeting October 14ERG meeting ongoing input from EC leads Elly de Deckerprovides her expertise we get creative in how we manager the investment
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