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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Managing Business Risk in Young Organisations LOSS OF EMPLOYEES LOWERED PRODUCTIVITY LAWSUITS REDUCED ATTRACTIVENESSas EMPLOYER REDUCED ATTRACTIVENESSfor INVESTORS attr ATTRITION DEATH, ILL HEALTH Mitigate Risk Transfer Risk Fair, Consistent & CompliantPolicies & Practices Key Man Insurance POOR REGULATORY COMPLIANCE DISSATISFIED EMPLOYEES Employee Engagement with HR DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEES Professional Indemnity Insurance Performance Management LOW MOTIVATION DISSATISFIED EMPLOYEES POOR REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Talent Management MISMATCHED SKILLS Performance Management POOR REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Talent Management BELOW-MARKET EMPLOYEE PRACTICES Bench-marked HR Practices Clarity of Roles & Responsibilities UNCLEAR HR STRATEGY INSUFFICIENT FOCUS ON CAPABILITY ENHANCEMENT HR Diagnostic Assessment HR Roadmap aligned to Organisation Strategy Best-in-class Employee BenefitPrograms BELOW-MARKET EMPLOYEE BENEFITS NOT APPLICABLE NOT APPLICABLE Consequences and Costs of Unmanaged Employee-related Risks The Risk Management Paradigm ASSESS AVOID MITIGATE TRANSFER ASSUME Cost of Hiring & Training Opportunity Cost Missed Business & Growth Objectives Litigation Costs Impact on Reputation Lower Quality Talent with Insurance Higher Cost of Capital HR before Insurance In the eary stages of an organisation's evolution, Human Resource Management is central to managing many aspects of business risk, more so than insurance
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