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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Company - Healthcare Regional Marketing LLC.Headquarters - Cincinnati, OHType of company - Marketing Services © Strategic Marketing Services - Inception in 1999 - Award Winning Marketing Services - Pioneer in Performance Based Marketing Model - ISO certified - NASSCOM exclusive member 1. Significant increase in brand awareness2. More than 60% increase in leads and Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 1. Increase awareness about the concept of Regional Marketing as a long term tool to use. 2. Utilize Regional marketing as a complement to nationwide marketing technique 3. Create an understanding of Regional marketing techniques4. Address the marketing practices to be adopted by small,medium and large size pharmaceutical companies 5. Enlist the applications of Regional marketing6. Highlight the importance of data in regional marketing was brought to the attention of the reader Healthcare Marketing has been treading the conventional path for centuries.Regional emphasis has only been a small part of the broader approach to marketing. The challenge was to make regional marketing a rule of the thumb for the healthcare market. To meet the requirement, Strategic Marketing services proposed a technical healthcare-centric whitepaper to raise awareness on the benefits of regional marketing. The whitepaper,covering the entire gamut of regional marketing, was successful in bringing out the desired outcome. Build a 3-phase approach to create a whitepaper that could educate healthcare marketers on the benefits of regional marketing. Problem - Solution - Campaign - Whitepape r project Regional marketing company generated 60% more leads with a thought-leadership whitepaper Result -
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