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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Current Vacancies Filled Positions double click to change this header text! Staffing/Headcount Days Open Human Resources SpecialistPart-Time Legal InternGovernment Square Supervisor 561815619ContinuousContinuous Hiring Cycle Time [Resignations] 7.5% [Turnover] Employee Leave/Attendance double click to change this header text! Chief Executive OfficerDirector of Finance & AccountingExecutive AssistantTransit Operations Service SupervisorCoach OperatorsFleet Mechanics [PendingRequisitions] Accident &Sick Leave UnionNon-Union 300Data not avail Salary Continuance UnionNon-Union Total Hours Total Hours Paid Wages "X" Hours of Leave per 1,000 Hours Worked FMLA Total Hours 300Data not avail UnionNon-Union 300Data not avail Paid Wages [Total Hours PAID] [Total Hours WORKED] 3,000 Hours Worked vs. Paid Month of: NOVEMBER 2014 Employee Development and Training Coming soon! Employee and Labor Relations Arbitration Hearings 11/12: Alleged disparate impact of the attednace policy on employees over 40 years of age 11/19: Arbitration concerning a termination 5,000 Key HR Metrics for Success TBDTBDTBD 4% 96% The Human Resources Department is committed to measuring key drivers that support the overall success and growth of the company. Listed below are monthly statistics on important HR metrics. Current Employees (830) x% down from last month Vacancies (33) 4 Job Offer) (Approved Requisition } x% down from last month [Goal: 56%] 3 60% 2
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