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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step 1 STEP 2 STEP 5 STEP 4 FINAL The Senior Leadership Team chooses a new product,service,or process to benefit the Credit Union and help reach the Horizon. Then they create a charter for the specifics of what the team needs to do. The team leads choose the team they will be leading on the HPT. It could be employees that have expressed interest, have a unique talent, or show potential that needs tapped into. Teams are a diagonal slice of the credit union, with members from different departments and roles. Once the HPT has completed their research and tasks, they will have recommendations to give to the senior leadership team for approval. This is presented by the HPT lead in a meeting designed for presentation, questions, answers and decisions. Once decisions have been made, the team can move to a final closeout. The Senior Leadership team will choose an employee they would like to see lead the team. This could be an employee who is already in a leadership role, but not always. It is very possible to have an excellent HPT lead that does not hold a management position at the credit union. The HPT meets to establish expectations and milestones to accomplish the goals set by the charter. These items are chosen and executed by the HPT members. The HPT will meet regularly. After the desicions have been made by the SLT ob the recommendations presented, the HPT members will present in a final closeout meeting. All members of the HPT will present. After the presentaiton, there is a close out PARTY to celebrate the successes of the team! Sr. Leadership Chooses a project and creates a charter Sr. Leadership chooses an employee to lead the project Team Leader chooses a team Execut e! HPT Leader presents recommendation sto Sernior Leadership Close out presentatio nand party! Step 3 After the closeout, the items recommended and agreed upon are implemented. Our People, Making changes! HPTs that roll into a phase II may retain 50% of the current members to help the new team learn the ropes. HPT Process : How It Works HPTs rolling into a phase II may retain 50% of the current members to show the new additions the ropes
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