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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know that taking care of a dog is a lot of work? If you thought that taking care of a dog was easy think again,you have to feed,walk,play,give attention. Also bath your dogevery 2-3 mounths what you need to take care of a dog when you get a dog you are going to have to go to pet will need to buy a dog bed, dog toys, a dog bowl holder, dog treats. when to take you dog out potty your dog will need to go potty every 30-1 hour. If you do not take your dog out potty he/herwill go in the houseit is important that you take her/he on a lease before you get an electric fence. HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A DOG BY: AUSTIN HINER this is an electric coller for a dog to wear so he/she does not run away When to take your dog to the vet almost every 2-3 mounths you will need to take your dog to the vet.they will give you the dogs medican and tell you what you need to do How to Groom Your Dog when you visit the vet they will give your dog a check up and if they spot any thing wrong with your dog they will tell you. If their is a problem they willtell you that you what youneed to need to get a comb andrun it threw the dogs hair How To keep Your Dog In shape when you get your dog up and take him out potty and give him/her a treat the dog will want attention from you andyour family. Also by doing that you are exercising your dog by playing with it.Also walking your dog is good for him/her Tips For what Is Good and Bad For Your dog October 1,1999 the first pugfest October 17 2000 the second pug fest October 18 2001 the therd pugfest was held October 6 2002 the 4th pug fest was held October 4 2003 the 5th pug fest was held October 10 2004 the 6th pug fest was held October 9 2005 the 7th pug fest was held October 28 2006 the 8th pug fest was held October 27 2007 the 9th pug fest was held the good things for you dogs are ice cubs,cherios,dog treats.the things bad for your dogs are that they cannot have paper,plastic,stink bugs,or the most important chocolate. How to Bath Your Dog When you go to the vet they will give you thematerials you will need to give your bathe yourdog. You will need to get water running, and put thedog in the bath tub. Then after the dog is wet put soapon your hands and run it threw the dogs hair. Then after you are finished with that you will need to get dog conditioneralso rub it threw the dogs hair. once you have done that put the dog in the water then dry him/her off with a towel. October 18 2008 the 10th pug fest was held October 31 2009the 11th pug fest was held October 30 2010the 12th pug festwas held
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