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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Genocide of the Holocaust Germany invades Poland, beginning a massive World War that would last for roughly six years.Poland is where 91% of its Jewish population would be killed (over 3 million), the most of any country in the world.This is also the primary place of concentration camps, including Auschwitz. START 1939 INVASIONS 1940 As the Nazis continue into the war, they invade France, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg.The Jewish population in all countries are not gigantic, but are slowly fading with the arrival of the Nazis. OF WORLD WAR II GENOCIDE 1941 Settling into the war, the Nazis are starting to liquidate ghettos and exterminate whole groups of Jewish citizens,starting the genocide. DEPORTATIONS 1942 Nazis begin to deport Jews from every country they've occupied to Auschwitz and other concentration camps. Hitler orders that all ghettos must be checked for proper deportation. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Poland USSR Hungary Germany DEVELOPMENT OF AUSCHWITZ 1943 The Nazis develop Auschwitz, adding Gas Chambersand renovation. Ghettos are stilll being liquidated, primarily the Krakow ghetto. AFTERMATH AND ENDING OF HOLOCAUST 1944/1945 Countries start to go into Nazi territory and free Jews. Concentration camps close, Hitler commits suicide, and the Holocaust ends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERCENTAGE OF INITIAL JEWISH POPULATION KILLED IN HOLOCAUST In the end, more than six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. By 1945, two of every three Jewswas killed. DID YOU KNOW? Over one million children diedin the Holocaust. Most who survived were permanently traumatized.
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