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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jew News Hanukah is here! If you forgot the story, then here it is: The Jews were living in Canaan and they had a happy life. Until the Assyrians invaded and took over.The Maccabee family new this was wrong and they had to fight back.So, Judah Maccabee gathered his family to fight back.After three years of fighting, they finally won. The temple was very dirty and filled with Greek stuff, so they had to clean it up. They found oil and lit the menorah.Surprisingly, the oil lasted for eight days! It was a Hanukah Miracle. A Kosher Hanukiah has to have four on each side. If it has third its a menorah. And Every candle has to be even except for the hamush. The humash also has to be in the middle. On Hanukah we play driedel. To play driedel you start off with ten coins and you put one in the pot and then you spin it and you land on a side. The sides that you can land on are: Gimel, nun, hei and shin. If you land on gimel you get all the coins in the pot. If you get hei you get half of the coins. If you get shin you put two coins in the middle. If you get nun you get zero coins. To win you have to get all the coins. On Hanukah we eat gelt, latkes and jelly donuts. We eat gelt because of the gold coins the Jews used to play dreidel. The reason we eat jelly donuts and latkes is because we remember the miracle of them oil with the deep fried food. Some music we listen to on Chanukkah includes: The Latke song, 8 Nights of Joy, Meyima Yel, and Don't Let the Light go Out.
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