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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! The Chanukiot has nine arms. One of the arms is called the Shamash; we use the Shamash to light the other candles through out Hanukkah. The Shamash has to be taller than the other arms to make the Chanukiot kosher. The Arms can be kosher wax candles or kosher oil-fueled lights. The candles on the Chanukiot need to be arranged in a straight line, and that's the guide to a kosher Chanukiot. The reason we eat oily foods like latkes and jelly doughnuts is because it reminds us of the miracle of the small jug of oil lasting for eight days instead of one for the Chanukiot. The fun music shows the great joy of the miracles and defeating the Syrian army. We play the game dreidel because when the Syrians came by, it was a way for the Jewish people to learn Torah secretly. Also, we open presents to show the joy of Haukkah. We celebrate Hanukkah to remember the miracles done like the small oil jug lasting for eight days. Also, defeating the Syrian army with the great might of the Maccabees. Another, is never giving up on your Judaism no matter what. First the Jews lived happy and peacefully till the Syrians came. The Syrian army stormed into the Second Beit HaMikdash and put up ideals and had pigs run around the temple. Then Mattathias and his sons, especially his eldest son Judah rebelled against the Syrians they were called the Maccabees. They took back the holy land for once and for all.When the Maccabees arrived at the holy temple they were astonished of what the Syrians had done.Soon the Maccabees rebuild the temple and then had to lit the Ner Tamid which is the great Chanukiot of the temple.They looked all over the place for oil to light the Chanukiot. Finally, they found some but it was a small jug that only lasted for one night.Then a miracale happened and the small jug lasted for the eight nights. Hanukkah
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