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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CHANUKAH On Chanukah families come together to eat food and play games. Also we celebrate the miracle of one cruse of oil lasting eight days * The history starts when King Antiochus wanted all the Jews to warship the Assyrian idols and eat forbidden foods. But one family of Jews who were later called the Maccabbees refused to bow.The Maccabbees became the leadersof the people. So King Antiochus sent n armyto kill all the Jews. So King Antiochus and his army made the Holy Temple a place where the Jewish people couldn't worship god. So the Judah the Maccabbee declared war on the Assyrians.They fought with few weapons and few soldiersbut they were determined to win, and after the third year of warfare the Maccabbees won! So Judah ledthe Jews back to Jerusalem and into the HolyTemple when they entered they saw the damagethe Assyrins had done. Everything was scattered andmissplaced. Everyone worked hard to make the templebeautiful again. They found one cruse of oil to light theNer Tamid. The small drops of oil they found lastedeight days and we consider that a miracle. Chanukah History Chanukah Food On Chanukah we eat delicious foods including: latkes and Jelly Doughnuts and these are fried in oil because the Maccabbees found one cruse of oil and it lasted eightdays. We also eat gelt or chocolate coins. Chanukah Games On Chanukah we play dreidle becausewhen the Assyrians invaded they didn'tJews do anything Jewish.So Jews studied Torah but when Assyrians would walk by Jews wouldput the Torah under the table and actlike they were playing the gamblinggame dreidle and thats why we play dreidle. Chanukah Songs On Chanukah we sing variety of songs suchas The Sevivon song, Miemalel, Oh Chanukah song,Yameyah Chanukah, and Ma Osouir On Chanukah when we light the chanukiotto represent the chanukia in the Holy Temple.When you're lighting you chanukia place the candles right to left, then you light the candles left to right with the shamash.
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