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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My dearest mother, Helena This has been a regular April day, pouring rain most of the time. Our uniforms consist of raincoats,rubber boots and our skirts. We are moving into tents in order to provide more nursing care to soldiers.We were quite busy all day as we got patients on Saturday night from the front, and we are expect more daily.Many nurses and I have become skipping lunch for past few weeks. Food is getting less and less. Especially, meat is very occasional.and that why we have had beans and potatoes for the most part of the meal. During the last week, we have averaged 25 operations daily.Speaking of lack of operating room, we are lack of everything, Not only the supplies such as needles, cups, oilcloth are only few left,but also the pharmacy provides not enough quantity and quality. A bare piece of ground with wounded men with bloodstained clothes can be seen in front.As the hospital lacked tenets, beds or medicines, nurses could do just little for most of patients.what an inadequate condition! Every night there are two or three deaths, it is awful moment to me as a nurse. Each night is a nightmare when I see the patients'pale faces. I will never forget the feeling of hopeless that one cannot describe the scenes on night duty. I am glad to be taking a part in great adventure. Sometimes, that seems tragic and grim, but it evokes me. Moreover, participating in front makes me to keep my attitude of sacrifice. How are you going on? Is dad okay? I am getting used to the condition now, so do't worry. I have to take care of a soldier who came the hospital yesterdayso I have to leave now. I will send more letter later on. With much sympathy from all here. Yours very sincerely Daughter Ellie. 25 April 1915
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