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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tang vs. Song Dynasties Song Dynasty Tang Dynasty The Song people had very good paintings and were so artistic, they would try not to make exact photos because they tried to portray the "idea" of mountains, lakes, and other featuresof their landscapes. The Song Dynasty made gunpowder, which waswas used for explosives. There was one gunthat used gunpowder, which was called the firelance. The fire lance helped the Chinese army a strong force. The Tang people discovered how to make steel whenmixing iron and coal, then putting it in a hot furnace,then they would make it into swords, armor, and helmets. The Tang Dynasty was well known for theirsilk. They traded silk so frequently with Rome,they made a trade route that they called the Silk Road. The Tang Dynasty made a precious clay baked at high temperatures. They traded this for gold, silver, preciousstones, and fine woods. I think that the Tang Dynasty because they discovered things that would end upbeing more useful and helpful later in life for them and other people. The Tang peoplemade printing and steel, which both are used a lot still today. They also made paper money, which is also very much used today, for taxes, bills, food, water, etc. The Song Dynasty made many significant discoveries, such as the Movable Type, gunpowder, printed books, and paintings, but they did not make as significantachievements as the Tang Dynasty. A man named Pi Sheng of the Song Dynastymade the movable type. This allowed the Chinese people to make books with each character a separate piece.
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