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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 H. H. Holmes: First Mass Murderer MULTIPLE: up to 200 people; Julia Connor, Minnie Williams, Benjamin Pitezel, Pitezel childrenmany being women, few men VICTIMS CULPRIT Dr. H. H. Holmes. A medically trained con artist and murderer with a strange fascination with dominance and control. He loved seeing how the human body operates and its ticks. When Where 1886 - 1895 Englewood, Chicago, Il - H. H. Holmes Pharmacy Holmes utilized his medical degree and talents to build a "castle" in which he used a pharmacy as a decoy on the main level, but what lies on the other floors is a new story. On the top level, soundproof rooms were created and in the basement Holmes installed a wood burning stove. He used a variety of ways to bring his victims to him, so included need for employment or housing offers.Then those victims would never be seen again by death of suffocation, or deliberate killing How?! Letters from Pitezel children traced where Holmes killed them. Remnants left in basement left clues to other locationsAmount of chloroform found in Pitezel's stomachPinkerton Detective Agency discovers basement littered with jewelry from Minnie, bloodstained dress Hedgepeth Squeals...Evidence Linked Jagged marks on bloodstained dress-abortion was not consensual.Chemical Test revealed acetic benzine used to deplete room of oxygen; burned a footprint on metal door after stepping in chemical Explosion in Media-people begin reading more newspaperbenchmark case leading to forensic detection process; attorneys had to prove and use expert testimonyWords: sociopath, psychopathHolmes Curse And This Happens CASE SOLVED H. H. Holmes JailedOnly able to ID 9 bodiesTrial: unanimously guiltySentenced to be hung a month after trial Moved about the U.S using insurance scams, horse thief, selling cadavers, and cashing estates to make more money for his killing endeavors
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