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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 20132012201120102009200820072006 DRIVING GROWTH THROUGH TRANSFORMATIONAL SOLUTIONS Strategic. Steady. Seamless. Increase in awareness of the causes of malaria TRANSFORMATION IN ACTION 20152014201320122011201020092008 28.7% We are amply positioned to make our clients more competitive, our strategy more relevant. our technology more responsive and our employees more engaged. HGS Annual Report 2013 | Calls 441 MILLION The demand for off-shore services from the Philippineshas been strong across various sectors. Leveraging ontechnology and our business transformation framework,HGS Philippines continue to demonstrate its growing strength. References: HGS Philippines growth - A Distinct and Deliberate Evolution Strong volumes acrossgeos and sectors coupledwith efficiency gains. REVENUE CLIENT VOLUME We keep relationshipsand win new ones. HeadcountFull-time EMPLOYEES Skill and scale-ready from 2k thento 6k now to 10k in 2016. Delivery Centers OFFICE SPACE 18.8% 40.5% 57.7% 5 sites of 9 are new. OUR NUMBERS. Talking. Transforming. Attended over Responded to more than 7.1 MILLION Emails Handled over Processed over Transactions in Healthcare Insurance Claims Payin Healthcare Insurance 2.6 MILLION Web Chats 2.8 MILLION Payslips 58 MILLION $11.5 BILLION 28,000 Global Headcount Global IT/ BPO Revenue Our revenue - A closer look Global Delivery Centers Number of Clients Worldwide US$ 412M 60 654 Our numbers -- a testament of our performance. Our robust results are largely due to our resilience, hardwork and our relentless pursuit to be future-ready. OUR Competencies and COMPETITIVE EDGE. Rewarding. Re-sounding. Industry Recognitions Global Certifications HGS is granted the highest Capability Level 5 by eSCM-SP. As a "best practices" framework, this shows our Company's demonstrated ability to sustain excellence. Furthermore, we have been granted FULL accreditation pursuant to Health Utilization Management, Ver7. URAC commends HGS for its commitment to promoting quality health services. Last year was extra rewarding as our Company became one of the select finalist in two categories in the prestigious Asia CEO Awards - Best Expat CEO and Best Employer of the Year. HGS continues to deliver better across parameters and awe our clients. In the recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, 80% higher than industry benchmark. HGS Cares.We are EMPOWERED. HGS believes in holistic and integrative success. As we commit to optimal delivery of cutting-edge service to our clients and to transformational sustainable growth, we too extend the same level of commitment to our stakeholders, our employees and the communities we operate in. HGS entry for BEST COMPANY of the YEAR Healthy BODY Sound MIND NurturingHANDS In HGS, fun is balanced with discipline. Recently, we had an extensive roll-outof our Integrity Policy across the organization. We believe we can be stronger and more successful if we all commit to business ethics and inspire trust. It is through this that we can best show that HGS cares. It is by this mantra we uphold where we can be truly empowered. Empowerment is an optimal part of our transformation.
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