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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 north west west coast represented High Fructose Corn Syrup Friend or Foe? Why is it so popular? Other Names What is it? What is it in? It is processed corn syrup that is made to be an alternative to regular table sugar - Sodas- chips- almost all processed food * Maize syrup* Glucose syrup* Glucose/fructose syrup* Tapioca syrup* Dahlia syrup* Fruit fructose* Crystalline fructose* Isoglucose - Corn is much cheaper than sugar from sugarcane. - Advances in technology made HFCS easily manufacturable 13 - 25% of all Americans get 25% of theircalorie intake from added sugars What is it made up of? HFCS is filled with sugar in the formof glucose and fructose 55% Fructose 40% Glucose 5% Water Contents of HFCS Fructose Vs Sucrose - Mostly comes from fruits- Monosaccharides (one simple sugar unit)- Can be absorbed into the bloodstream immeadietlythrough small intestine - Mostly comes from sugarcane- Disaccharides (two simple sugar units combine)- A combination of one glucose and fructose molecule- Needs to be metabolize by enzyme sucrase before it can beabsorbed into the blood. Health Consequences - cause increased insulin levels- Obesity- Diabetes (type 2)- Heart disease The Verdict: HCFS is no where close to a healthy.Sucrose is not a much healthier alternative,but is not as unhealthy as HFCS A study at Utah University involving mice on sugar diets and HFCS diets showed that a sugar is healthier than HFCS. Female mice on the HFCS diet had death rates 1.87 timeshigher than the ones on the sugar diet and had 26.4% fewer offspring.
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