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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AFRICA 42 Gallons per barrel158.98 Liters per barrel 69% 52% WERE WOMEN 48% WERE MEN ACTIONS - Overall picture- Snap shot of PD - Conext- Rich qualitatitive data - Share early findings- Incorpotate feedback- 'Test' recommendations LITERATURE REVIEW Literature such as strategies, policy documents, M&E Global matrix, programme plans, newsletters, position papers were reviewed ACTIONS USE OF PRIMARY DATA ETHIOPIA KENYA RWANDA SENEGAL TANZANIA PRACTICAL STEPS...WHAT CAN THE ACERWC DO? USA THAILAND ITALY TANZANIA SENEGAL ETHIOPIA KENYA BRUSSELS ITALY BANGLADESH PAKISTAN INDIA HDR REGIONAL EVALUATION KENYA GOVERNMENT DONORS BANKS THINK TANKS NGOS ACADEMICS UN REGIONAL ACTORS RWANDA