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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HAITI SIGNIFICANT OBSTACLES -Small and poor country-Had to face powerful French army-Technologically disadvantaged TURNING POINT -Desalines defeats French with slave army-Battle of Vertieres-November 18 1803 QUOTE FROM TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE I was born a slave, but nature gave me a soul of a free man. WHY 9TH GRADERS SHOULD CARE -Led to purchase of Louisiana, which was added to the United States-Reduced French influence in the United States-Doubled population of New Orleans in 1809 TIMELINE 1789- Free people of color and slaves attempted to gain civil rights and freedom1791- Revolution began in the North1792- French abolished slavery in Haiti1799-1800- War of the Knives between the free people of color led by Rigaud and the black Haitians led by Louverture1802- Army sent by Napoleon to reconquer but were killed by yellow fever1803- Louverture captured and died in French prison; Dessalines defeated the French at Vertieres; Napoleon withdrewtroops1804- Independence proclaimed January 1 KEY PLAYERS Pro-Toussaint Louverture-Jean-Jacques Dessalines-Andre Rigaud...kind of buthe fought against the slaves for the free people of color in th War of the Knives Con-Santhonax-Polverel-Rigaud-Napoleon Bonaparte-Charles Leclerc SIGNIFICANT CIRCUMSTANCES -Slavery-Outbreak of yellow fever-Imperialism-Inspiration from Frecnh Revolution
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