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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 leaders the many the many of attributes Being obedient's to God isfollowing what ever he says.Being obedient is following God's laws such as servingothers, obeying the Commandments,being faithful, etc. Communication Skill can improve relationship between others and make us unite. This quality is important to leader because through this quality, we can understand others better,and we can attract other people. This quality can help us propagate God's wordand share it with others. In order for a leader to lead properly, he or she has to be able to recognize what is wrong in what they are doing. Once they see what are theirfaults or mistakes, they can fix them and become a much better leader.Being able to recognize their mistakes also enables them to recognize the mistakes of others and can help them fix them. Having less mistakes enables leaders tolead in much better ways. Some examples of effective leaders: Steven Gerrard is one of the most effective leaders of his generation. Captaining english football club Liverpool FC, he takes time to understand each of his teammates. He also leads by example, one of the best footballers to ever grace the pitch, he sets an example to young playersso that when he eventually retires the future stars willhave someone to live up to. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most important people in the Indian freedomstruggle against colonialrule. He led the struggle without violence and he ledhis country to freedom in 1947. He led with resilience,motivation and by example. a short infograph by Westin Perez, Paolo Yaptinchay and Tony Kwon A leader with charismacan be an example of righteousness to his people. Through charisma,he can convince others to change for the better by setting himself as an example of God's will.
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