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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Motivation/Perseverance- Can a digital art curric. help students become engaged and maintain interest? Implementation 10 Week ART iPad Lab Research Methods: What research has been done already? Backwards Design Digital Art Curriculum-Teacher feedback, Pre-survey, Post-Survey, Observation Field Notes, Target lessons to art skills, specific behaviors (student specific) and student interest, Display Curriculum and findings on Pinellas County Art Teachers' database. QUESTION: What can a digital (iPad) art curriculum offer ESE students? IRB Consent Forms-parent signature could pose problems for students without legal guardians Classroom Teacher Collaboration ESE population Backwards Design Teacher Feedback (from teachers who employ digital curriculum) ContactLegal Guardian-"Study" Apps UF approval Teacher Journal Reflection/field notes Target specific behaviors Benefits vs. Limitations? Sara Conway Gurney | Research Methods Concept Map | Curriculum Design ERROR: can students maintain motivation to fix computer errors during lesson? Student Pre-survey about interests in digital art/Post-survey on lessons' effectiveness IRB Training Meaningful lessons that connect to student interest (from survey) Emotion Control Motivation Engagement 3 Full EBD classesK/1, 2/3, 4/5 4-5 meaningful, authentic lessons that target behaviors, and track evidence (for each EBD class/grade level) Art Skills/Knowledge acquisition Florida New Generation Art Standards Research digital art curriculum created previously by other art teachers. How can digital art skills, engagement, motivation, and problem-solving skills be measured? Digital Art Curriculum Design for the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Population
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