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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Calorie Intake Per Capita Daily and Statistics/Facts USA - 3770 Argentina - 3000 Democratic Republic of Congo - 1590 India - 2300 New Zealand - 3150 Limiting Factors for the Global Population Density Dependent Factors- Competition- Parasitism and Disease- Predation Density Independent Factors- Human DisturbancesDrought and other climate extremes WORLD: UK - 3440 Limiting Factors (Which affect population growth rates)- Birth Rate- Death Rate- Immigration/Emigration Logistic Population Growth:When resources are limited,populations exhibit logistic growth, population expansion decreases and resources become scarce,leveling off when the carrying capacity of the environment is reached, resulting in a S-shaped curve. Carrying Capacity:The number of people,other living organisms,or crops that a regioncan supportwithout environmentaldegradation. Exponential Population Growth:Growth of a systemin which the amount being added is proportional tothe amount already present:the bigger the system is,the grater the increase. There is 1.39x10^9 km cubedof water on Earth. If 0.04% of that is drinkable,that means that we have 1.4x10^19 of drinkable water left on earth. If everyone was to only consume2,000 calories a day.How many calories can we grow to a rising population?Multiply our Earth's mass by 0.4 and find the amount of square meters on Earth that you can grow crops on. tap and hold to changethis text! New Zealand - 3150 By: David S, Jonah F, and Sarah T
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