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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ethnography Grounded Theory vs Goals and Phenomena of Interest Grounded Theory-To engage in an in-depth study of a phenomenon in real life-Generates theory which describes fundamental psycho-social phenomenon and comprehend how humans use social interaction to define reality.-the product of this methodology is abstract, substantive, mid-range theory which concentrates on process with a core category that joins the stages of theory-Researchers are able to understand participants' behaviour regardless of cultural background from a social interaction lens Ethnography-Endeavours to gather data that describes the meanings, organization and understanding of culture-Provides a "thick description" of the cultural phenomena under study-the product of research is contingent on the investigation's purpose-Researchers are better able to record, comprehend and express "alternative realities from the participants' point-of-view," informing an understanding of events and behaviour of people from a specific culture-Able to build a substantive grounded theory Philosophical Underpinnings