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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CIA Involvement in Grenada Eric Matthew Gairy: First Prime Minister of GrenadaPrevented independence until 1979 (18 February 1922 23 August 1997) Maurice Bishop: leader of the NewJewel Movement seized power ina coup in 1979 to overthrow PM Gairy. As a result of the NJM, Grenada hasprospered as a country.While most Caribbean countries experienced recession, Grenadaexperienced a 9% cumulative growthrate and unemployment rates dropped from 49% to 14%. Along with lowered unemployment rates,literacy rates increased from 85% to 98%.A free health care and secondary education systemwere established and Grenadians were able togain scholarships for study abroadopportunities. Then the United States became involved... On the morning of October 25, U.S. troops invaded Grenada taking full control ofthe island within three days. The United States had long sought tooverthrow the New Jewel Movement in Grenada. The United States had suspectedCuban-Soviet activity on the island of Grenada. An airport was being built by the Cubanson the island of Grenada called Point Salines International Airport. The airport was not acutually involved with the Soviets, rather the British. The United States was worriedthat because Grenada was goingthrough a socialist movement,other Caribbean islands wouldinevitably follow. As a result, there would be a reduction of democracy, human rights, and freedom.
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