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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Greeting Etiquette Introducing each otherWhenever we go and introduce ourselves, usually this will be our first impression to that person. In the end, our first impression and first introduction to a person is very important. It is important because it will help you build more friendships and be friends with more people.Always remember to stand when being introduced. When you are sitting down while being introduced, it will look like that you are rude and impolite and this will just make a bad impression about yourself.Eye contact will also help you give you an impression that you are really confident. Avoiding eye contact will give you an impression that you hide your emotions and dont want to show your true feelings toward that person.But always remember to just smile. A warm smile can be a nice touch when introducing yourself.Forgetting namesWe do always forget peoples name and we cannot really avoid it. In the event that you do forget the persons name, just so Im , I am having a blank moment. In the venet the person who forgot your name or mispronounced it, then quickly jump in and introduce yourself. This would be greatly appreciated by the person.ConversationsWhen we talk with people, we should always think of these. You should always maintain a healthy eye contact with person you are talking with. Also, be attentive when talking with a person because it will be rude to look at if you are not even being attentive to him. Try to avoid one word answers or try to explain with your answer to make it more clear. You should also be aware of what you do like expressions and reactions. Theses can show what you really mean about what you are saying. These can also lead to an awkward conversation.
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