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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Family and Consumer History Sciences Sources: of Family and Consumer Sciences 2nd Ed., S. Kato & J. Elias She founded American Home EconomicsAssociation in 1909. She was a remarkable woman who was an activist for public health, safety,nutrition, child development, and women's rights. EllenSwallowRichards 1920/1930 1921 - women can vote FCS incorporated into cirriculum consumereducation was born American DieteicAssociation Formed Betty Lampas symbol "To Make Better" 1940/1950 World War 2Rationing &Free CollegeFor Vets Frozen Foods & TV Dinner Convenience Cooking TupperwareAluminum Foil Hot Topic:Parenting &Child Education 1960/1970 1965 - Head Startprogram for dis-advantaged children VietnamLess men in college 1964 - Civil Rights Act schools integrated Priorities forHome Makers Changed 1980/1990 First female graduateand professor at MIT. Consumerismat its height AIDS Epidemicmedical breakthroughs More divorce.Less Babies.Working Women. Electronics lead tobooming economy 1993 Scottsdale ConferenceDefine purpose, mission,and vision of FCS 1994 changed name toAmerican Assoc. Familyand Consumer Sciences "Empowering Individuals,Strengthening Families,Enabling Communities." Mission/Purpose Improving thequality of life forindividuals. Shaping societal changeand enhancing the humancondition IntegrativeNature CurrentTrends Integrate:Unify SeparateThings Integrate:Unify SeparateThings Meeting BasicHuman Needs Meeting BasicHuman Needs A body of researchand knowledge used toenable families, communities,and individuals to makeinformed choices abouttheir well-being andrelationships. Core Concepts:-basic human needs-individual well-being-family strengthening-community vitality Human Ecosystems and Life Course Development-Wellness-technology-global interdependence-resource development-resource sustainability-capacity building ForwardThinkingFCS shifts associety changes Forward-ThinkingFCS shifts associety changes New Cirriculum in Schools:Focus on personal and socially responsible actionwith process-centered curriculum. -Examine Practical Problems &Find Ethical Solutions Specialized family-,career-, andcommunity-focused courses.
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