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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Greensboro Four Four African American male college students ( Ezell Blair Jr., Franklin McClain, David Richmond, and Joseph McNeil.) started a new movement for Civil Rights by sitting down at a lunch counter in F.W. Wool Worthcompany store in Greensboro, North Carolina to challenge the policy thatallowed African Americans to shop but not eat. The four stayed there until the stores had closed and came the next day do the exact same thing but with moreand more protesters. February 1,1960- The "Greensboro Four" begin their sit-in at a segregated lunch counter. The Start of a Change Everyday other citizens followed and did the same thing that those four have done. But not only in Greensboro did these sit-ins occur. Since this new form of protest has started it quickly caught the attention of national media. The media was able to inform others that this protest was also occurring and it even encouraged others to do the same and that's exactly what happened, In 15 other cities sit-ins hadstarted as well. The Help of Media The Greensboro Four, 1960 The Harassment Sit-in protesters were harassed by white citizens repeatedly by the use of cruel words and many were burnt with cigarettes. Not only that but many Protesters were arrested by policemen as well. Even as they were being treated cruelly by other they remained seated and continued their peaceful protest.Even when authority wasn't on their side as they were supposed to be they continued on going back to theirseats and silently waiting for the changed to finally happen. The Change 5-6 months of the sit-ins is what it took to finally accomplished the goal they were working so hard for the entire time and that was the removal of the policy even the desegregation in Greensboro. Afterall the waiting and patience it took the policy was removed andAfrican Americans not only in Greensboro but also all over the countryare getting a step closer to getting the rights and respect they deserve as a citizen and human in this country. < Protesters in the sit-ins at Greensboro are being thrown flour and water towards them by the crowd.
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