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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Abby Shaw 153 total membersof Green Party office holdersacross America Views 10 of themare in PA 250,000 registered votors Information NUMBERS *resources - The Green Party is one of the newer political parties in America. "Live Green. Give Green." Green Party 118, 416 voters in California alone. The Green Party was founded in America in 2001 by Howie Hawkins. There is a Green National Convention in Milawaukee every year Their main goal is to help other parties develop peacefully. They focus on the environment, non-violence and social justice. Partners with the European Federation of Green Parties. They are a growing party without any support from corporate donors. They focus on real problems with real solutions. To donate go to and click DONATE! Originated in Australia 1972 because builders refused to build buildings on sites of cultural and environmental significance. On education they support choices within public schools. They want more parental involvement and they like diversity and think it can be used as an advantage. They also want more languages and even real job training. Surprisingly, they believe in abortion. They say that it is wrong to take away a women's right to her own body.They also once said to put it under healthcare. On drugs they say that weed should be legal. They said there should be more counseling and treatments for people who do harmful drugs.Should reduce sentences when someone gets caught with drugs. Their views on family is that there should be more pre-natal care. There should also be a respect of gender rather than male dominance.Kids should have to learn how to resolve disputes. The party's views on healthcare are that health care is a human right. They believe their should be a universal healthcare for everyone in the U.S.They also want to fund the "Manhattan Project" to hopefully find or come close to finding a cure for aids.
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